5 Common Terms of Digital Marketing for Beginners

5 Common Terms of Digital Marketing for Beginners

Teknokaz.com – It is natural for entrepreneurs to take advantage of technological developments to grow their business. One of them, technological developments are used for strategies, efforts, or business marketing tips. In recent years, many businesses have used Digital Marketing for Beginners in their marketing tips. However, of course before applying it, you as a business person need to understand the terms contained in Digital Marketing.

Have you considered leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) features in your marketing campaigns? Are you using keyword relevance to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results? Do you know what the Lookalike Audience feature does on the Facebook advertising platform? Are you optimizing your AdWords ranking by improving your Quality Score?

These terms are familiar terms in the world of Digital Marketing in this century. More details, here are five terms commonly heard in the world of Digital Marketing for Beginners that you need to know!

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is one of the Digital Marketing terms that began to be popular from around 2017. However, AI technology itself is increasingly developing and easier to use by users, especially in marketing practices.

More clearly, AI is a field of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. With AI, activities such as voice recognition responses, planning and solving business and marketing related problems can now be automated.

But what does AI mean for Digital Marketing? Many people suspect that marketers who start using AI will benefit enormously. AI really works effectively to improve business marketing performance.

3 Stages of AI-Generated Consumer Experience

1. Attract the attention of consumers

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) used in AI can automate and accelerate the creation of content strategies for marketing needs. The content created is expected to attract the attention of consumers to buy your business products.

2. Conversion

AI systems can personalize and test landing pages and increase marketing conversions. A Landing page is a website page that customers automatically visit when they click on your AdWord, AdBanner, and other types of digital Advertising.

While the conversion is the result of the decision of web or social media visitors to buy poduk or services of your business when they finish visiting the web or social media of your business.

3. Provide customer satisfaction

AI can improve the customer experience by giving buyers more information than they want.

Contextual Marketing

This term serves to provide the right content at the right time based on the preferences of potential clients or customers. By using targeted consideration of customer behavior and generating brand awareness, contextual marketing provides more effective results for business marketers.

This improves the accuracy of targeting your ads based on information from the public such as recent search results and web history commonly accessed through search engines such as Google and others. The goal is obviously to offer your business products and services to target customers.

Benefits of Contextual Marketing for Marketers

1. Cost effectiveness

You as a marketer do not need large investment funds. You just need to collect the right data in a tool commonly called Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

2. Target traffic

By focusing on specific behaviors and demographics, you can give your business leads when potential customers are about to make a purchase decision.

3. Enhanced user experience

Contextual marketing is highly personalized, marketing messages will be delivered to consumers in a timely manner and strategically positioned. This is more efficient than you “bombarding ” them with marketing messages they don’t really want.

4. Increased customer engagement

You can not only introduce your brand in front of customers. But you can encourage active customer participation in your brand by leveraging contextual marketing.

5. Do not disturb the consumer

With the right timing and conditions, your marketing tips don’t look like typical ads. Your marketing message will actually appear as a solution to the problems of consumers.

6. Greater sales and revenue

Your marketing is conditioned and personalized with the right targets, conversion rates will be higher and sales will increase.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

Another common term of Digital Marketing for Beginners are cost per acquisition. CPA is a measure of the cost of acquiring customers who click on a link and make a purchase activity on your business web.

In other words, CPA is the return on marketing investment, specifically, total spend on Digital Marketing over Total front-end conversions. Here are the specific definitions of BPA:

CPA is a sales and lead-based measurement that differs from the notions of cost per impression (BPI) and cost per Click (CPC). While BPI and CPC are based on public traffic, CPA is based off of Lead Generation actions. Lead Generation itself is an effort to attract and convert potential customers into regular customers of your business.

Although not identical, CPA is equivalent to Return on Investment (ROI) because CPA can be an early indicator of the success of a long-term digital Marketing campaign related to Lead Generation. CPA is an average value so it covers the entire strategy. The smaller the better.

Understanding the consumer buying journey and digital funnel is the first step in strategizing an effective digital marketing campaign. Every campaign has a goal, so some should have a high or even zero CPA because their goal is not to sell but to attract leads or a remarketing base.

Lookalike Audience

The new term of Digital Marketing for Beginners of course Lookalike Audience. Lookalike Audience on the Facebook platform is an advanced customer targeting option when it comes to advertising services that go beyond the basic capabilities of targeting based on interests, behavior and demographic data.

Lookalike Audience gives you the ability to find new people based on their resemblance to your repeat customers by using a percentage sample of people in your country or local area of business.

Lookalike Audience Features

Facebook users watch about 100 million hours of video on Facebook every day. Similar to AI, this feature will automatically find customers who watch videos such as marketing videos belonging to your business.

  • Set up leads that are similar to the customers on your business email list and use them as a source to find similar leads.
  • Find potential customers who are similar to repeat customers who like your business Facebook page. If you have a lot of Facebook page fans and they’re actively engaging with your posts, Lookalike Audience is a great way to find similar potential customers.

Quality Score

The last term of Digital Marketing for Beginners are quality score or relevancy score. Quality Score is a ranking of Google AdWords that provides a summary of data on the relevance and quality of keywords (keywords) used in Pay per Cliks (PPC) campaigns.

Most Quality Scores are determined by expected Click-through Rates (CTR), relevance of Ad Copy, quality and relevance of Landing pages, and other factors. Understanding the Quality Score of your business is important, because:

  • If you improve your Quality Score, it can lower the cost per Click (CPC) of your business.
  • When your CPC goes down, it can lower your cost per conversion
  • If you lower your cost per conversion, it can increase your revenue and help you Lower Your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

Ads with top positions can be ensured to have a high Quality Score. Conversely, a low Quality Score can make the AD position low or even not appear at all.

Those are five common term Digital Marketing for Beginners that you need to know and understand. The main goal is obviously to be able to lower CPA and increase conversions which leads to increased business revenue.

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